Financial Advisors – A Proof to Increase Income


If you are in the early years of a financial advisor career, my guess is that you might want to add extra income to your financial planning practice, which is equivalent to a lot of money in your bank account.
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Here I offer a testimonial I made many years ago, when I was a financial advisor at American Express. As such:

“I’m now making more money than I could possibly have intended through my skills and expertise as a finance advisor.”

It didn’t shake the ground very much, but the results were very impressive.

This is why certification results in almost double the cost of financial planning in a year: because I repeat it hundreds of times every day, and I write it down at least 25 times every day.
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I know that’s a lot to listen to, but not really. After a while I got used to it. It has become second nature. It’s written in my mind and is still included there to this day, years after I did it.
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One of the effects was that I was releasing a very different energy, a energy that was gained by clients and potential clients. It’s a breeze to make a lot of money. And the more I exhaled it the more I repeated the testimony to myself.
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And it became more deeply ingrained in my mind every time I wrote it, which is why I write it at least 25 times a day.

Try it yourself. You may feel free to use this testimony, or others of your own design and creation.
What’s important is that it’s strong for you, and that you repeat it to yourself hundreds of times every day and you write it down at least 25 times every day. After about 2-3 weeks of focusing attention and purpose in your confirmation, you will experience a shift.
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Have fun with it and many success to you!