How to Create and Maintain Wealth

The process of creating wealth, though not easy, is simple. Anyone who follows the basic principles of wealth creation will certainly become rich.

There are four basic principles of wealth creation and sustainability. These are:

I. Giving ii. Storage iii. Investment iv. Wise spending

It is very important that we teach our children these principles of wealth creation and livelihood. If our children start doing them now, they can get rich early and pass on the wealth -making skills to their own children as well.

Any time we (or our children) get money, the first thing we need to do is give at least ten percent of the money left over. Christians call this tithing, but Christians are not the only ones to give a minimum of ten percent from what money they earn. Muslims also give Zakat while others give directly to those in need or to charity.

All creatures from God must give in order to be blessed. If we give, we will receive many blessings. So it is safe to say that when we give, we are giving for our own benefit because the word of God in the bible says,

Give and you will be given. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom … (Luke 6:38)

Some people think that what they have is too little and they can’t get it. Some even think they are too poor to give; this is not true. In fact, the less you have, the more you have to give. Why? It is because the poorer a person is, the more the person needs the blessing and the blessing from giving.

We give God more than money. You can also give your time and talent to caring for those in need. For example you could volunteer your time, talent or energy to help a charity home. God wants us to love and help people. If we take our ten percent of our places of worship, we give it to God. However, God does not come down in a physical body to take the money but His people in our places of worship (pastors, ministers, missionaries, evangelists, etc.) are working to fulfill God’s plan here on earth. They use the money to care for the needy and to teach people about God’s good message. They spread the word of God.

God gives us life, talents and time so that we can give our time, energy and talent to help people. For example, if you know how to draw, you can donate by making posters or drawing to decorate the walls of orphanages or charity homes. Such photographs can also be given to sick children in hospitals to make them happy.

How do you use your energy? You can help seniors run errands or do household chores. You can also help clean up your place of worship on Saturday when you don’t go to school.

So, start giving and start building your wealth (smile) Let me stop here until next time as we continue to talk about the principles of wealth creation. To Your Lasting Wealth!