Avoiding the Next Financial Storm That Will Affect Most Americans Soon

My biggest fear with most Americans is whether our money will survive during retirement or whether we will have enough money to rest everyone. As long as our government lives on different terms than the people they govern I have already seen millions of Americans suffer financial strife later down the road. Most Americans actually think that Social Security is enough to get them through their night. I personally think that Social Security is not available to most of us and if you rely on Social Security to support you in your twilight years, you will know that it is not enough. Social Security is designed solely to help with your investments, retirement plans, and / or savings. It is not designed to act as a retirement plan.

Since I’ve had the luxury of being with the banking industry for over 30 years now I’ve seen thousands of seniors ’savings accounts with as little as $ 10,000 in them. I spoke in Northern California in 2004 where I mentioned that a lot of jobs used by children and young teens no longer exist because seniors don’t have the money to retire. I was laughed at from the stage by 6000 people. Who is laughing now !. There are no more paperboy jobs for kids because seniors are now occupying the jobs. I also said that most fast food jobs along with Walgreens and CVS jobs will no longer be occupied by high school teenagers and will be replaced by senior citizens, just look around and tell me no it happens right in front of your eyes. People are no longer laughing. I also told the people at the seminar that I saw thousands upon hundreds of thousands homeless in the next 10 to 20 years.

You can inform thousands of people living under freeway ramps across the country. They live in tents and bathe in the bathrooms of fast food restaurants. It happens in the largest country in the world. You can keep looking the other way but as soon as you have nowhere else to see. If the government doesn’t do something as quickly as possible, everything you know will come to an abrupt end.