Differences between Rich and Poor

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between rich and poor? Why do some people sink into the abyss of poverty while others swim the ocean of unspeakable wealth?

Sometimes it comes to you to say that some people are rich because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. That is, that is not the conclusion because there are many people out there who were not born under any silver linen, even though they are millionaires now. What happened? What is different? Now here’s what I realized.

The difference between rich and poor is mentality. The rich and the poor think differently. The poor don’t have that mindset that the rich have. They approach the same issue from a different perspective and standpoint.

The rich seek opportunity. The rich are always yearning for the opportunity to grow their wealth while the poor man is wallowing in self -pity and he is exhausted in search of sympathy. He shares the blame syndrome; Blaming his relatives, friends, government, even the rats in his house was ignored, as responsible for his plight. Instead of thinking about how he could get out of the cocoon of his extreme poverty he fed it by constantly searching for a goat. With such a mindset you will not recognize the opportunity for wealth if you find one.

The rich move but the poor just pass by. If the rich man saw an opportunity to hasten his wealth, he picked it up. Not the guy with the bad mindset. He has a thousand and one reasons why what he sees is not an opportunity for enrichment and so his circle of poverty continues, because he will let go of that opportunity. Sorry to say this; it is like dropping gold in front of a pig, it is not valued.

The rich are willing to take risks and make sacrifices, whether it be in time, effort, money and so on. They have no motivation to venture into the world of the unknown. They are content with the world they know. As such they continue to maintain the same state throughout their lives.

Have you ever wondered why businesses are called ventures? A businessman is in danger. I’m sure you know the part of capital investment: that’s the money invested in a new company to help it grow, which can involve a lot of risk. But you will find those with rich mindsets are equally at risk.

A person who does not take risks ends up paying for the risk of the other person. If you have a risk, others will pay you for it. That’s what the rich know that Mr Poor’s mindset doesn’t know.

You have to understand that being rich doesn’t mean you lack anything and being poor doesn’t have to do with the fact that you lack the basic benefits of life. It has to do with the mentality you have.

If you were born poor that doesn’t mean you can’t be a millionaire. To achieve financial success you need to change your mindset. If a poor person thinks the way the rich do and does what they do, he has the same consequence and more.