Don’t Drop Bad Deals


Everyone needs money. Most people are worried about making a fortune, but it seems like everyone wants YOUR money. Many people respond to ads to make money online or through various means. Once you submit for information, you can go to someone’s list and are likely to be bombarded with emails daily supporting the program.
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There must be some real money makers out there working for people, and some people getting richer using it. However, there are also many scams where people will try to “steal” your money. Some may think they are doing something legitimate, but they are generally basically trying to line up their own pocket.

This is a real email I received recently.

How about Do you want to earn $ 5,000 in the next 30 minutes? Seriously, you read that right. How about 15k in a day? Congratulations! You have been selected to access it privately.
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Afterwards there is a link where supposedly to provide immediate activation deposits. Who doesn’t want to earn $ 5,000 in the next 30 minutes for doing almost nothing? It says you can easily earn $ 15k or even $ 20k over the next five days. Is it good to be true? Bitaw. Most likely, it was probably a scam trying to get people’s money. Often these programs definitely don’t work, and it’s just a way for people to try your money.

Another email that is likely to be a scam is below:

At midnight yesterday closed the doors to possibly the most profit opportunity offered to our readers … Fair warning, though … if you don’t miss THIS opportunity you can double down. your money every day (or more), it’s not our fault — it’s your fault. Check it out and join NOW.

Here is another suspicious email:

One more step is left and you can collect your commission deposit of $ 15,000.00. Approve your deposit HERE. Once you have approved it, the transfer will take 2-3 days to hit your own account …

Oh, if this is true and you believe what you read. You need to do some research before you send any money to people who ask you to try this deal or that. There are a lot of unscrupulous people who think only of themselves.

During World War II, Japanese Native Americans living on the West Coast of the continental United States were forced from their homes and imprisoned in camps in desolate areas of the country. They lost their livelihood, and many lost their savings. They are in a desperate state of affairs. They know the value of money and the difficulty of having no way to get money. Many people suffer. Yet they may know from experience that money is not easily obtained and that it always takes diligence to get it.

People who suffer from financial hardship like Japanese Americans do are often more careful about separating their money. They should be more concerned about scams and fraud with their money.

Many people in the world are having financial struggles and are looking for a way to earn more money. Even if some may be worried about finding a way to “get rich quick”, most want an honest way to make money. Finding a legitimate opportunity other than a regular job is not as easy as others say you believe.

It takes hard work and dedication to find something that works. Not falling prey to scams and impossible schemes can be a challenge. Study the situation and try to seek the opinions of others about it before parting your hard-earned money. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Do your best to make sure you don’t lose money unnecessarily. Don’t give up on a fake deal or scam.



System and Non -System Risks: How to Reduce Them?


There are always risks in the business world. Understanding its risks enables us to find the most effective way to minimize it. What are these risks and how can they be classified?
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There are two main components of risk: systematic and non -systematic. Let’s examine each risk and figure out the best way to mitigate it.

System Risk

Systematic risk, also known as “market risk” or “non -specific risk”, is a result of external and uncontrollable variables, that are not industry -specific or security -specific. In general inevitably, this has affected the entire market primarily with fluctuations in the prices of all securities. The risk can be attributed to many economic factors such as inflation, interest rate fluctuations, currency fluctuations, recession, etc.
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Since systematic risks are unavoidable, investors can avoid them by avoiding all risk investing.

Financial Planning- Reducing System Risk

Systematic risks can be mitigated with specific courses of action. How can they be relieved?

Allocating assets can be part of reducing systematic risks. Owning different categories of assets (i.e. bonds, cash, commodities, etc.) with little or zero correlation is helpful because they differ in terms of macroeconomic factors; some asset categories may be added and others may fall.
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The offer of assets should also be adjusted according to the estimates. Overpriced investments should be avoided or owned sparingly. If systematic risks are minimized within a variety of portfolios, money becomes a more important and unrecognized category of assets.
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Another way to reduce systematic risk is through hedging. Investors can use options such as buying hedges placed on their securities. A safeguard is the risk management strategy used by investors to guard against the loss of unknown earnings. The deposit amount will be set if the value of the securities falls. However, the options are for a specific time and when they expire, investors will have to buy new ones to stay hedged.
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Not System Risk

In contrast, unsystematic risk refers to risk factors that are specific to a company, industry and sector, and can be controlled to a degree. These factors include the management of a company, financial procedures, financial health, and its competitive position in the market.
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Financial Planning- Risk Reduction

Unsystematic risk can be minimized by diversification. To achieve this, the investor can divide its product portfolio so the profits don’t just depend from just a few products. Much risk is reduced when investor risk is spread between different industries (such as banking or healthcare) and asset classes. For example, if an investor invests in a diversified portfolio of more than 10 individual investments as opposed to one, the damage done to their portfolio will be less if something negative happens to certain companies.
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Again, non-risk risk can be almost eliminated by diversification because it is not related to market risk.
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Both systematic and non -systematic risks are part and parcel of businesses. Through risk management solutions as mentioned above, these risks can be reduced to a minimum, and investors can see increased portfolio return and optimization of the investment portfolio.
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Financial Advisors – A Proof to Increase Income


If you are in the early years of a financial advisor career, my guess is that you might want to add extra income to your financial planning practice, which is equivalent to a lot of money in your bank account.
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Here I offer a testimonial I made many years ago, when I was a financial advisor at American Express. As such:

“I’m now making more money than I could possibly have intended through my skills and expertise as a finance advisor.”

It didn’t shake the ground very much, but the results were very impressive.

This is why certification results in almost double the cost of financial planning in a year: because I repeat it hundreds of times every day, and I write it down at least 25 times every day.
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I know that’s a lot to listen to, but not really. After a while I got used to it. It has become second nature. It’s written in my mind and is still included there to this day, years after I did it.
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One of the effects was that I was releasing a very different energy, a energy that was gained by clients and potential clients. It’s a breeze to make a lot of money. And the more I exhaled it the more I repeated the testimony to myself.
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And it became more deeply ingrained in my mind every time I wrote it, which is why I write it at least 25 times a day.

Try it yourself. You may feel free to use this testimony, or others of your own design and creation.
What’s important is that it’s strong for you, and that you repeat it to yourself hundreds of times every day and you write it down at least 25 times every day. After about 2-3 weeks of focusing attention and purpose in your confirmation, you will experience a shift.
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Have fun with it and many success to you!



Main Causes of Financial Problems


8 Causes of financial failure

Struggling financially? A lot of people even if they give each other the impression that they did it all. They work, live in a nice house and drive a nice car, but live from payday to payday. Here are the 8 main causes of poverty in the first world.
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Live beyond your income

There’s no getting away with it. If you spend more money than you earn you have to get your extra money from anywhere and that almost always means borrowed money, also called buying credit. There is a cost to all of this and it is called interest. If you are in the habit of buying things on credit then the interest you pay during your lifetime will add to an asset. Interest is sometimes called dead money because you don’t show up for all the interest you paid.
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Think about how much you can spend on all the interest. It’s almost too painful to think about even if you want to avoid poverty so you have to pull your head out of the sand and face the realities; your financial future depends on it.

Continuation of the Joneses

Some people want to keep up with their peers no matter how much they spend their money. It’s a compulsion that will cost you a lot. Living with a different self-image can damage your finances and prove costly by the time you stop working. Maybe you think your peers are financially good enough to get to this point or even they think they’ve done well for themselves but what you don’t know will surprise you. That they may have their eyeballs in debt. Even if they live as long as they can to fund their lifestyle it doesn’t mean you have to keep up with them.
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Don’t be a happy person and live according to other people’s expectations, live according to what is the right way to act for your own circumstances and be happier.

Consumer Debt

Consumer debt or deaf debt as it is often called it is the purchase of things using borrowed money. This is what is spending tomorrow’s income today. Debtors are not often aware of what is happening to the so-called items they buy on credit; that their newly acquired assets are worth less the minute they buy them. An important factor to follow is this; The money owed to the object is always more than the value of the object. No one has many people caught up in the cycle of debt deprivation and not just those on lower incomes; in fact people are at a middle likelihood of this trap.
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Commerce in Greed

Commercialism during the 20th century brought many advances; it provides jobs and creates many businesses but there is another side to it. The first poverty in the world causes an unsatisfied appetite for things. People are not content with just the things they need but keep wanting more. Everything has to be paid for, it’s the money that can be used to build a financial base for their future.
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Addiction is very expensive; just ask any smokers. One does not have to be a mathematician to calculate how much cigarette smokers pay for their addictions. Estimated to be over $ 100 NZ per week. That’s equivalent to five grand per year and fifty grand per decade. Not surprisingly, many cigarettes were destroyed. It’s the same with alcohol addicts and panties.

Can’t write financially

Being unable to write financially is the main cause of financial scarcity and it is not just those with low incomes who are unable to write financially; people with high incomes may also feel guilty about it. You’ve heard stories of successful people in the sport who earned millions during their heyday but ruined the years after they retired. It’s important to save and invest your money during your best earning years so you can settle in when you don’t have income anymore.


Not taking responsibility for your own finances is not responsibility. They see everything differently on the excuse of why they didn’t join the kiwisaver or didn’t give. Excuses like, “You can’t take it all with you,” “I might die before retirement,” or “I’m just a kid.” People who are not responsible for their finances tend to be irresponsible in other areas of their lives as well. Making commitments whether it’s in a relationship, owning a house or car, or saving for your retirement takes responsibility and that’s what sets men apart from men.

Daotang Company

There is no doubt that bad company is a major reason why so many people live in poverty. It’s been said, “You’re usually one of the five people you spend most of your time with,” so it pays to check who your partner is and ask if their attitude and opinion about finance has influenced your money habits. To grow you need people to help and encourage you. This sometimes means separation from bad company. Some found it difficult but eventually it was all worth it.


Researching Neighborhood Investments


Your neighbor enjoys watching financial news, and he or she rarely buys or sells several shares of a company’s common stock that is sold publicly. How did he do that?

He knows why he did that, before he planned how to do it. He seeks to invest in a growth company before many other investors know and raises the price of the common stock. However, he also wants to win what he does, and this aspect of investing can be shifted from a plus to a minus. The “how” begins to capture current, relevant, and actionable investment information. A variety of free television and online resources provide that information.

Your neighbor recorded the morning and afternoon “CNBC” television show on investment. When he gets home from work, spends time with the family, and enjoys dinner with the family, he spends thirty minutes-an hour sketching the CNBC shows of the day to catch up on the news. to invest in the financial markets of the day. Perhaps, he will get information about a particular company, whose stock is moving up or down in the news. He searched for the company name to identify the stock ticker symbol.

He accessed “Multiple charts” to find out about the company and how its stock is doing now, and over time periods, paying close attention to the size of the company, and whether it pays. or not on a quarterly dividend. By searching for the stock ticker, paired with the words “dividend schedule,” he can determine if the company will pay the next dividend to the stockholders who own the stock at a later date. .

Your neighbor will not gamble. He invested. He rarely invests in stock news. However, through research, he can learn to add the stock to his watch list to make a more in-depth analysis of what caused the stock to move or improve in the past. Over time, he got a list of about 30 stocks, with some of the ten sectors in the S&P 500. From CNBC shows, he knows which sectors are thriving right now.

He sells the stock to a well -known online broker who charges $ 6.50 per trading commission. He only trades by using a limited amount of money he has set aside for this purpose. He prefers to buy no more than 100 shares of any stock, and he buys the valuation about a month before the company’s ex-dividend date, when the amount is earned in stock trades and he sees that starting that the price increase. . He sets the purchase price as a “limit” order (because he doesn’t want to buy if the price rises sharply above his target price), and he keeps the order alive by selecting “good until canceled. “

If the fresh news changes the parameters, he cancels the purchase order. Marketing presents an additional challenge. After the purchase, should the price of the stock rise immediately, the temptation to sell it for a quick profit, but consider that the company’s business begins to rise to a new principal level (the stock to be continued and passed on to grandchildren)? He pays more attention to the news of the stock before he decides what to do about selling it. If the stock goes down on unexpected bad news, he usually sells without thinking, because it can limit the loss and he can calculate the losses on the gains of other stocks for the tax year.

not a skilled, licensed investment professional, your neighbor as well not you. Do research, limit risk, and know to be cautious about investing that may work for you. Your neighbor will never invest without his or her knowledge, and he or she will never listen to specific investment marketing advice. # TAG1writer


10 Ways To Become A Millionaire


Every once in a while a person can become an instant millionaire by taking luck. They can inherit a bunch of dough, make a product that will then win popularity contests, or hit the lotto. Even for most of us, becoming a millionaire is hard work. It takes time, discipline and a little patience.

But for those determined to retire child and retire wealthy, it can be. And becoming a millionaire doesn’t require high income. While that can help, wealth building is the ability to manage your money well.

Here are some tips to get you started today:

1. Reduce consumption and increase investment.

2. Create and maintain a budget.

3. Increase your financial IQ.

4. Make contributions to investment vehicles on a regular basis.

5. Start a part-time business to increase revenue and take advantage of tax writing.

6. Surround yourself with like -minded people who believe in and support your goals.

7. Find good CPAs and other reliable advisors.

8. Set short and long term goals.

9. Make a commitment to be a millionaire.

10. Start now. Time is your friend when it comes to investing.

Making your first million dollars is the hardest, but it never comes if you don’t take action. Continue to increase your financial literacy by subscribing and visiting financial websites, but don’t go into “analysis paralysis” mode. While information on websites, magazines and new TV-related programs can be very valuable, the recipe for making money is actually very simple. It’s just a matter of knowing the basics and how to apply them.


Top 5 App-Based Fin Tech Startups for Young Investors


In his book “Only the Paranoid Can Survive“, semiconductor industry historian and founder of Intel, Andrew S. Grove provides an in-depth idea of ​​the Strategic Inflection Point (SIP). Described as a critical change in an industry, Andrew S. Grove how a SIP can affect a company and force it to change.self in terms of process, system, product and time, identification.the financial field, even if it remains the same as its motive in saving and finding better ways to invest money, far from Banks to Mutual Funds, Stocks and Bonds.No longer a rocket science, finance is being taken to new dimensions of investment and management in costs, in goodwill evolution due to strategic inflection point.The next chapter on finance is already delivered through mobile applications that enable quick investment.view of this fintech investment applications, we explored five of the most trusted investments targeting fin tech to start fin tech, which is exclusively mobile -based.

1. Inuit Mint: Mint is a personalized banking investment advice application, designed with an easy-to-access interface. It tracks your income, savings, investments and accordingly it creates a budget and recommends regular spending. With Mint, you don’t have to worry about checking your account statements or checking any bills that are pending. Plus, you’ll be able to find ways to keep up and not evenly match your credit score. This touch of the financial manager automates your spending on your income so that you can reach your financial goals in a reasonable time.

2. Hide: Bringing the investment threshold as low as $ 5, Stash has created a unique space for potential investors. Stash is a level investment platform that promotes almost 30 different investment opportunities from which one can choose according to his or her preferences and objectives. These investment options are tested by rigorous technical and market making reports. Plus, if you start investing through Stash, it gives you custom recommendations and investment opportunities so you can get the best return. How does Stash manage to start investing in something as low as 5 $? Today, this small amount is used to subscribe to investments in fragments.

3. Know and Invest in Rubicoin: “Learning by Doing”, if you surf the Rubicoin website, you can see their motive in the vision itself. They come out with two apps: Know and Invest, whose ultimate purpose is very clear in their name. Through Learning, you get access to some valuable micro investing lessons, posted in a foreign language and easily understood by everyone. It aims to create an understanding of investment needs and give you confidence while investing. Updated and enriched all the time, Learning provides access to video, text and even audio lessons rather than investment. Adding to that is the blog shared by CFO Invest, on the other hand, a stock investment interface app that helps create and manage an investment portfolio. It has partnered with some of the best online brokerage and Now only available for iOS users, Rubicoin’s Knowledge and Investing is expected to hit the Play Store in late 2016.

4. Acorns: By far, one of the newest ideas to automate your storage and keep your transformation is Acorn. Acorn is a startup about Micro Investing. This idea of ​​micro investing has nothing to do with startups, but with the small amount of money invested. To use Acorn, you need to first connect all your accounts and cards to this app. After all, whenever you buy through accounts, and the more change you get in expenses is invested.

5. FinoZen: FinoZen believes in a philosophy of investing in short term diversified funds rather than saving your money at a lower interest yielding secret account. A startup in India, Finozen has attracted many interns and young employees who want to quickly have available funds without selling the benefit of a higher return on their investment. This Android fintech app can be used for as little as $ 2 and will reap about 7-8%. FinoZen facilitates daily updating of investment returns and quick transactions from your savings account to your FinoZen account and vice versa. It is interesting how the development of financial advice and investment situation is appropriate to advise for every wallet and purpose.

The five mobile apps mentioned above mean the era of digital investment, increased mobility, convenience and always active technical customer support at almost zero price. Yes, it’s good to see what their consequences will be for their customers and whether they can later replicate the cause of human comfort in the financial world.


OK Guys and Gals, Why Rnetwork?


OK, so in short, yes for the first time in the history of the bank you could get money while you slept!

Our bank will share the merchant’s bill with its customers by giving you a piece of their bill when others swipe their debit card.

It doesn’t matter where or when they use it or what they buy. Imagine being paid whenever they use their debit card or use Apple Pay straight from the app or whatever …

That’s right, and not just the purchases of your team and your entire team but also the free bank customers you’re targeting if they want to be free bank customers and not partners.

However, if you become a charter member you will not only be able to monetize swipes on your teams but also including swipes on their team and their free swipes on customers and so on. etc. and you also get free customer service …

The potential to earn 100s possibly 1,000s hours per day is realistic because we all use our debit card for groceries, bills, gas, munchies, breakfast etc. and you also save immediately on POS purchases ( point of sale) if you swipe your debit card to more than 300,000 locations.

Do you see now why there is no stopping the shouting in so many news feeds?

It’s life changing and it hasn’t happened before. We have not only attacked 2 main industries (MLM & Banking) we are fully legally compliant based in the US and available in over 82+ countries!

Do you want a real change in residual income? https://rnetwork.io/30539765

We are also on track for the November 30th, 2019 launch of rPay!

This thing keeps getting better !!

The FIRST integrated international payment system that allows charter members to Cash in anywhere in the world directly from your back office without the need for a Wallet, a prepaid card and in many cases, that no bank account!

It’s a tree trunk. Join now !! Don’t sleep with this one, Friends! Grabe …


Donald Gaw

PS – Sign up as a Charter Member and get 3 new Charter Members to join you and you will automatically be eligible to participate in the Company Wide Bonus Pool. Imagine, only 3 sign ups and you are in the Global Bonus Pool. Oh … even if we pre-launch until January, I get paid every month on Rnetwork! This is not your typical time! https://rnetwork.io/30539765


Family Business Prosperity In Egypt


According to international reports, 90% of companies in the Middle East are family companies that contribute 80% of national revenue and account for about 75% of private sector activity and use 70% of the energy of pamuo. However, family businesses in the Middle East and Egyptian companies In all countries of the world agree that sustainability and growth is limited in the life of the founder as the start of opportunities to continue and the rates to make at least the next generation of the family, where international data show that out of every 100 entrepreneurs, there are 30 entrepreneurs who continue their work after death, while seventy Both lose their actions. on the death of the founder, although companies can survive until the fourth and fifth generations, the proportion of not more than 3% of companies that survive after the death of the founder, making developed countries aware of the risk that unable to sustain family businesses in their economies, and began researching the reasons for not continuing family businesses and economic risks and its assistance To continue to ensure the continued economic growth of its many assistance, including tax reductions and participation in the cost of support programs for the continuation of family businesses etc. .

Difficulty in sustainability due to the nature of family businesses, especially the overlap between family, management and ownership, which is one of the distinguishing features of family businesses, which is one of the main factors in creating tension. in generation. This will affect the continuity of the family and business at the same time. In the inability to continue from the second generation of the family, but to eliminate family relationships by virtue, and pointed out that family companies that continue to continue from the third and fourth generations are the ones that have succeeded in preserving the family and the company interested in the Early stages of the family work constitution clear and detailed all relationships and policies and mechanisms to ensure stress reduction at all stages of continuation or exit and distribution of prizes, and pointed out that there is no model of a single labor constitution applicable to all companies, each company determines the constitution of its work according to the nature of the activity Family circumstances and abilities the next generation of the family and their willingness to run the activity with their own knowledge or with the help of outside assistants s a nasud. The accumulated experience of family companies shows that maintaining the company for the fourth and fifth generations is a joint responsibility of the founders and children. Next generation.

In addition, it was observed that the family firm did not witness differences in the first generation stage due to sole decision-making by the founder as the tension began to make decisions beginning with the second generation and the next generation of children and grandson, where the differences increase as the family grows and increases the needs of its members from the company represented in the requests for participation in management Higher employment, income and so on. Thus, the problems of family businesses diminish and their chances of survival as the family grows and we increase and produce.


1- Tensions subside whenever the founder of the company or the board of directors of the family to develop the family employment charter early, given the importance of remembering that the decision to continue the company did not give birth at the present time. , but requires preparations and rehabilitation for a period of not less than 15 years before the next generations follow the decisions of the company, And that the policies for the rehabilitation of the transfer and address the causes of tension should be transparent and clear. And there is a family council looking for family problems and other administrations interested in running the company out of family worries and problems. Likewise, family businesses are also vulnerable to corruption, illegal practices, fraud and deception, especially without an accurate system of internal control from the owners.

2- To encourage the advancement of the laws and regulations governing the establishment and management of Egyptian companies in respect of construction and management of majority and family businesses.


Think About Your Finances


Real money comes and goes; more important is how you manage your finances. It’s been a long time since I’ve known how money works; the rule of 72 is an eye opener. The rule of 72 is a simple way to determine how long it will take your funds to double; it is based on an annual interest rate divided by 72 equal to the number of years it takes to see some real growth in overtime. As an example let’s say an investment of 1K with an annual return of 1.0% more than your bank currently pays; it will take 72 years to double your funds. (72/1 = 72 years). The money will grow by just 2k over a 72 year period.

Now, take the same 1K invested right in the financial markets at the rate of 10% which is historically average, it will take 7.2 years to double your funds. As such, in a 72 -year period there is a 10 doubling period or $ 955,594 just under 1 million dollars; not bad at 1K. Have you ever wondered why local and national banks have so many atmospheres and marble floors to walk on? We need to know how to manage our finances; budgeting, spending, and saving; all about the wise responsible steward.

Over the years, many of us have made mistakes with our money; whether through exaggerated credit, poor financial management, buried in debt or by tearing up various financial advisors or scam artists. In order to know our finances, it takes discipline to do the right thing and avoid pointless bad behavior. Over the past several weeks of this Corona virus disease, I’ve seen people spend their hard work making money foolishly; buying more than what he normally needs on any given day. The world is not over. Spread your funds on the table and get what you need to make a living. It doesn’t take a crisis to get the attention of our finances, it does take a year to process how to manage money properly.

It’s at times like these that it gets our attention to slow down and think things through before we act on motivation. Likewise, it is another way to get God’s attention; for those of us who believe that He is the true and living God. He is in complete control of this situation and has the whole world in his hands. The purpose of each person if he knows how to manage their finances, should include but not be limited to: the purchase of life and health products, there are legitimate sources of income streams by -vary of many assets, home and land ownership, have a basic understanding of how to buy short and sell high or not low though; or profit from any business activity you may be involved in. Last but not least, the advice of trusted respected renowned financial advisors is to ‘help manage multiple financial portfolios’.

The true backer of money knows how to manage it properly and live in accordance with our income and peace of mind, soul and spirit. We need to learn from our mistakes and mistakes and be a blessing to others who may lack both finances and the knowledge of how to have more than enough Share your education with others to help them cope. or their thinking away from the poverty -minded mentality to help increase their wealth accordingly. It’s time to let your money start working for you; instead of working for money!